March 2018

SPRI published an article in the January-February edition of Roofing magazine. This article provides critical information on the single most common mode of failure that occurs when low slope roofs are exposed to high wind events. Inspections of low slope roofs conducted by FM Global and RICOWI after high wind events has demonstrated that loss of edge securement on the roof system led to progressive failure of the roof covering. In the FM Global study of roof losses, it was found that 59% of roof failures were due to perimeter edge failure.

Because of the critical nature of properly securing the edge of a low slope roof system, the International Building Code requires that edge systems be tested and demonstrate the ability to resist design wind loads for the building they are being installed on. A systems approach, including fascia, copings and gutters, needs to be utilized to provide proper securement. The Roofing magazine article provides the following critical information:

  • The process followed in the development of the test standards;
  • The design criteria that must be considered;
  • A detailed description of the test methods for gutters, copings and fascia; and
  • Information on calculating roof edge wind pressures.