Induction Welded single ply roof systems continue to grow in popularity as the equipment to install these systems has become more accessible and contractors have realized cost savings associated with installing induction welded systems.

A wide range of systems applications for induction welding assemblies are used in conjunction with thermoplastic membranes from a variety of manufacturers.

The process of attaching single ply membrane via induction welding consists of five steps:

  1. Insulation is secured by fastening induction welding stress plates. These plates have a factory-applied adhesive.
  2. Plates are covered with single ply membrane, typically TPO or PVC.
  3. The plates are located beneath the membrane and the adhesive on the plate is activated by heating the plates with an induction welding tool.
  4. A magnetized heat sink is utilized to clamp the membrane to the welding plates and cool down the weld.
  5. A hot air welder is utilized to weld the seams of the membrane together, the same as in a fully adhered or mechanically attached thermoplastic system.

These systems merge some of the benefits of mechanically attached and fully adhered systems. For instance, induction welding reduces the number of different combinations of fasteners and plates on the job site and can reduce the number of fastening points since the same fastener and plate are used to secure both the membrane and insulation.

Stand up, wheel based, and backpack induction welding tools allow for simple application to low slope fields, walls, and crickets. All equipment can be easily transported in compact carrying cases and operates with standard 110 Volt power supplies. In accordance, any project type, including new construction and re-roofing, can be completed with this system.

Induction welding systems can be utilized in temperatures ranging between -10 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows installation windows to extend into winter time in cold-weather climates when conditions could be otherwise preclusive for other systems.

An evolving innovation in single ply roofing, induction welding offers new roof attachment options to members of the construction industry. Available tools feature warranties to ensure functionality, and repairs are possible through qualified technicians.

For more information on induction welding, contact one of SPRI’s active members in the growing market segment of single-ply roofing solutions.