The new governance model for harmonized construction code development in Canada is a multi-stakeholder initiative developed to ensure that the country’s building codes and standards are consistent, effective, and up-to-date with the latest technologies. It consists of three main components:

  1. the Council of Canadian Governments (CCG);
  2. provincial and territorial governments;
  3. and industry stakeholders.

The CCG is responsible for facilitating the collaboration between provinces, territories and industry representatives to develop harmonized codes that can be adopted across all jurisdictions. The CCG also provides guidance on technical matters, including reviewing proposed changes to codes and standards before they are approved by provincial/territorial governments or industry representatives. In addition, it participates in research activities related to improving the safety and performance of buildings in Canada.

The provincial/territorial governments are responsible for developing and adopting code changes that have been developed by the CCG. They must ensure that any new codes or standards introduced are consistent with their own building regulations.

Industry stakeholders play an important role in providing expertise on the technical aspects of code development, as well as feedback on potential solutions to challenges posed by new technologies.

These three components work together to ensure a harmonized construction code development process that meets the needs of all Canadians. By fostering collaboration between industry and government, this model is designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the code development process, while also allowing for innovation in the field of construction safety. It is expected that this governance model will enable Canada to remain at the forefront of building safety and regulation, while also providing a platform for innovation in construction technology.

A visual diagram of the new governance model can be viewed here.

This model is an important step forward in bringing harmonization and uniformity to Canada’s construction codes and standards. It will provide a reliable framework within which all stakeholders can work towards the shared goal of ensuring safe and efficient buildings – both now and into the future.