Reinforcing its commitment to providing the most updated technical information in the commercial roofing industry, SPRI has expanded its website by adding an Environmental Product Declaration (EPDs) section and publishing updated EPDs for TPO and EPDM membranes from SPRI members Carlisle Construction Materials, Holcim Building Envelope, IKO Industries, and Johns Manville.

“Adding this new section to our website acknowledges the importance of making this important environmental information available to our members and other stakeholders in the commercial roofing industry,” said Chadwick Collins, technical director for SPRI.

Environmental Product Declarations are standardized documents that outline a product’s environmental impact from cradle-to-grave. They are based on the ISO 14025 standard along with the ISO 14040 standard for a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and provide a quantitative basis for comparison. In general, EPDs are used to encourage demand for products with lower environmental impact using accurate and verifiable information. Unlike detailed LCAs that often contain detailed and sensitive information, EPDs do not include specific product ingredients or detailed production process information.

“As the commercial roofing industry’s leading authority on single-ply roofing, it’s critically important that SPRI remain at the forefront of the industry by offering the latest technical information in the industry,” said Linda King, executive director of SPRI. “This new section on our website and the updated EPDs are very important to specifiers and applicators looking for detailed environmental product information.”

For the newly posted EPDs, production data for 45-, 60-, and 80-mil TPO was provided from seven manufacturing sites across the country. Production data for reinforced 45-, 60-, and 75-mil EPDM was provided from three manufacturing locations, and the data for non-reinforced 45-, 60-, and 90-mil EPDM was provided by four manufacturing locations. All three newly updated EPDs are available on the SPRI website at Resources & Education – SPRI, under the EPD heading.