The past two years serving as SPRI’s president has been one of the service highlights of my 30+ year professional journey. I’ve had the privilege of forming enduring friendships within the organization and am forever grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact that SPRI has afforded me from this position. Viewing the outcomes in retrospect, the accomplishments & strides made in building codes, the expansion of the technical director role, and the updating of the strategic plan were well worth the investment of time and effort of the organization during the past two years. SPRI is a tremendous collection of intelligent humans who come together for the betterment of single ply roofing in North America and the positive accomplishments of the organization reflect everyone who gave and gives their time at the organization.

Before being nominated for the SPRI presidency, I held two other significant roles on SPRI’s executive board as both treasurer and incoming president. As of January 2024, I look forward to stepping into the role of immediate past president, where I’ll serve for an additional two years on the executive committee and spearhead the nominating committee.

Reflecting on my time as president, what stands out the most are the supportive, intelligent, and encouraging individuals I had the pleasure of working with through the organization. At every moment during my tenure, I was confident that help was only a phone call or email away, that in difficult discussions consensus and professionalism would prevail, and that the organization could regularly have healthy discussions and challenges.

None of this is possible without excellent participants at SPRI, and it made my time as president exceptional to know that the organization had such an immensely supportive body.

One of my favorite highlights was the collaborative effort behind updating the SPRI two year strategic plan. We had a diversity in members participate, blending long time participants and several youthful new additions. It was important and rewarding to both honor the past accomplishments and challenge ourselves to think well into the future with our goals with the project. I am glad future SPRI presidents will undertake this same task to keep the organization on track and pace.

As I close this fun chapter of my time, I am confident Scott Carpenter, the incoming president, will lead well, galvanize support, and be an excellent communicator for the organization. He can count on support from SPRI membership as I enjoyed, and I look forward to seeing SPRI continue it’s growth under his leadership.