Blog Guidelines


  • Blogs should be around 400-1000 words, and take 3-7 minutes to read.
  • Focus on creating content that could easily be digested or skimmed. For example, lists are a great way to break up long blocks of text!
  • Don’t forget to create a title and a subtitle, if needed.
  • Feel free to provide website links back to your references throughout the article.
  • Each blog should have at least one photo – if you have more than one, excellent!


  • Focus on roofing education vs. product pushing. The goal is to position SPRI as a thought leadership group.
  • Identify who you’ll be writing this blog for first, and keep them top of mind throughout the process.
  • When brainstorming what to write, think about those questions you get asked every day, or an experience you recently had that you learned from and would like to share.