Membership in this organization shall be limited to North American based persons, corporations, or partnerships engaged in the pre-formed flexible sheet membrane roofing industry. Membership shall not include any of the above whose primary business is installation.

REGULAR voting membership in this organization shall be limited to persons, corporations, or partnerships which manufacture or market flexible sheet membrane roofing systems; but not including independent manufacturers’ representatives or distributors.

We, the undersigned, do hereby make application for membership in SPRI. We agree to abide by the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of SPRI, to pay all duly levied dues and assessments, and to offer our cooperation in the activities of SPRI to further its objectives consistent with SPRI’s Bylaws, policies and requirements.

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Annual Membership dues are $12,520.00.
Attach an explanation and any necessary information which describes your company/business' functions and establishes how your organization qualifies for one (or more) of the above listed SPRI Regular Membership categories.

If the applicant is affiliated with another company/business which would not likely qualify for SPRI Membership, please include sufficient information to establish that the applicant-organization for SPRI Membership is clearly and demonstrably a separate legal entity, and functions independently for the applicant's other related company and/or business.
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