SPRI Annual Statistics Survey-2024

SPRI Statistics Program: Annual Member Feedback-2023

SPRI publishes the following statistics reports:

  • Monthly Membrane Report
  • Quarterly Membrane Report by State
  • Quarterly Membrane Report Canada
  • Monthly Roof Board Report
  • Quarterly Roof Board Report by State
  • Annual Membrane Report by Membrane Type, Census Region, and Application Method
  • Quarterly Market Index Survey for Reroofing (prepared in conjunction with other industry associations)
  • Please indicate the reasons that your company may have been late in submitting data.
    In the past year, SPRI has enforced the deadline for submitting data, have you noticed an improvement in the timeliness of the reports?
    A goal of SPRI's Strategic Plan is to expand collection and distribution of meaningful statistics to participating Members. Would your company support SPRI exploring ways to present data that can be shared with those Members that do not currently have access to the reports (i.e. adjust or hide date, present a summary a percentage rather than shipment total, etc.).

    Have there been any complaints submitted to ARI or SPRI staff in the last 12 months?
    Were those issues addressed in an acceptable manner?

    Are reporting templates and instructions explained clearly?
    Are reporting templates and instructions received in a timely manner?
    Are the distinguishing features of the reporting format still relevant and efficient?

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