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DORA® Now Included in MasterSpec

Avitru, formally ARCOM, is the leader in construction specifications and the exclusive distributor of MasterSpec.  MasterSpec is a leading comprehensive building specification system in the construction industry. Recently, during the December 2018 update to...

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Bituminous Roofing 101

Withstanding the test of time, bituminous roofing products bring a proven track record to low-slope roofing. Bituminous roofing systems are known for their long service life, dependability, and exceptional waterproofing. There are two main types of bituminous roof...

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Single-Ply Roofing 101

Single-ply roofing in North America traces its origins back to the early 1960s when the first EPDM rubber roofs were installed. Since then, single-ply roofing has grown in popularity due to its long service life, dependability, and ease of installation. Today,...

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EPDM Yesterday and Today

EPDM roofing membranes first came on the scene in 1962 and became increasingly popular in the 1970s as the oil embargo drove up the price of asphalt-based roofs. Over the course of the last 50-plus years, numerous enhancements have been made to EPDM system components,...

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