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DateNovember 22, 2022
Version2017 (R2022)
PlatformsWindows 8

Detection and Location of Latent Moisture in Building Roofing Systems by Nuclear Radioisotopic Thermalization

ANSI/SPRI/IIBEC NT-1 2017 (R2022)

Radioisotopic thermalization, performed in accordance with this standard, can effectively be used in the roofing industry to:
1.1.1 Locate and quantify latent moisture contained in the roofing material and/or roof deck materials.
1.1.2 Locate hidden sources of moisture entry by tracing subsurface paths of moisture migration.
1.1.3 Provide a basis for investigating roofing material and/or roof deck material degradation over a period of years when used as part of a preventive maintenance program.