Avitru, formally ARCOM, is the leader in construction specifications and the exclusive distributor of MasterSpec.  MasterSpec is a leading comprehensive building specification system in the construction industry. Recently, during the December 2018 update to MasterSpec, Avitru added the “SPRI’s Directory of Roof Assemblies,” commonly known as DORA®, as an option to FM Approvals’ RoofNav, for choosing roof assemblies. 

This option for choosing roof assemblies has been added to all sections where the FM Approvals’ RoofNav is listed. DORA® has been recognized as the only directory to include deck types like cementitious wood fiber, wood decks, gypsum, lightweight insulating concrete, panelized concrete, and light gauge metal decks as an example. The inclusion of DORA® in MasterSpec now offers specifiers a means of selecting assemblies over these types of decks without laborious searches.

SPRI’s Directory of Roof Assemblies is the fastest-growing roof assembly directory with new listings added monthly, and is web-based so anyone can have access to DORA®. The Directory of Roof Assemblies (www.dora-directory.com) is a web application database of low slope roof systems tested in accordance with standards referenced in Chapter 15 of the International Building Code (IBC).

Developed to be a reference source easily used by building owners, design professionals, roof consultants, contractors, code officials, and others. The next time you are using Avitru’s MasterSpec, choose the SPRI’s Directory of Roof Assemblies option when the building is not FM insured.