FM Approvals, known for their testing services and certification programs, has collaborated with SPRI to publish the new ANSI standard ANSI/SPRI/FM MPO-1 2023. MPO-1 titled, ”Test Standard for Comparative Pull-Over Strengths of Membrane Fastening Systems and Waterproofing Membrane Materials Used with Low Slope Roofing Systems” is based on a previously developed test procedure from FM Approvals. Having the test procedure go through the ANSI standardization process brings further credibility to the test procedure through industry validation.

Going through the ANSI process is good news for the users of MPO-1 because professionals from membrane manufacturers, component suppliers, and test labs are a part of the validation process who review and vote on the standard being ANSI approved. Further good news for users, specifically those servicing Florida: this standard was developed to meet the requirements of testing application standard TAS 117 for anchor or base sheets that are mechanically attached. Those using this standard will be in compliance with building codes in Florida for mechanically attached anchor or base sheets.

The scope of the standard is as follows, “This standard provides basic requirements and procedures for determining the maximum failure load of waterproofing membrane materials and fastening systems when tested for membrane pull over resistance in both symmetric and asymmetric stress plate loading scenarios.” This test was designed to simulate the interaction between the membrane plate and membrane in a mechanically fastened membrane system while under load to find the maximum failure point. It is important to note that the standard covers not just mechanically fastened membrane seam plates but induction welded systems and base sheet rupture as well. This test is useful to a user because it allows a user to create a ranking order of which plate interacts better with which membrane, reducing the reliance on full scale testing to evaluate mechanically fastened membrane systems.

SPRI strives to be an industry leader in education and innovation while being a resource for building professionals. While this standard was being developed, there was a focused effort on aligning the terminology with all other ANSI/SPRI standards. MPO-1 is currently published on the SPRI website and can be found at the link provided