SPRI, the Single Ply Roofing Industry, North America’s leading technical association comprised of Single Ply Roofing membrane manufacturers and accessories is pleased to release it’s inaugural notification of preparedness for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve according to the outgoing SPRI President Brad Van Dam and SPRI’s Technical Director Chadwick Collins.

SPRI member companies have supplied billions of square feet of single-ply roofing membrane annually, and as the leading technical resource on the subject, we felt it may be beneficial to reassure children everywhere that single-ply commercial rooftops continue to be suitable landing zones for Christmas Spirit Powered or Flying Reindeer Powered sleighs. From the extensive data we have seen since SPRI’s inception and millions of rooftop inspections performed by our member companies, we have yet to have a single member report any damage ever caused to a commercial rooftop by Santa’s logistical exploits on Christmas Eve. We understand low-slope commercial roofs would offer a logistical advantage in serving surrounding neighborhood houses and reducing the number of stops Santa and his trusty Reindeer will have to execute. After consulting with member’s technical departments, we are confident that this can only mean that commercial rooftops and Santa are a perfect match for landing his magical reindeer and sleigh on this special night of giving,” says Collins

SPRI strongly recommends inspecting your commercial roof system on an annual basis with a professional consultant or professional roofing contractor.

“If you return to your building following the holiday’s and have some concern that a magical sleigh accident or flying reindeer traffic has in some way affected your roofing system, or you cannot recall the last Christmas season you had a professional inspect your commercial roof, we strongly recommend you schedule an inspection. While the holidays can bring joy and happiness, and you can take comfort in knowing no commercial roof damage from Santa Claus has been reported to us, inspection is always a good idea to keep your occupants safe all year long,” says Van Dam.